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Reorder sometimes doesn't work


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I had a regular customer contact me to say that he'd re-ordered an item but that it hadn't worked properly.

He has used the re-order facility before with no problems but in this case he'd used his mobile 'phone rather than the PC, and although payment from Paypal appeared to go through, when he later checked he found that the order was still in the basket and no payment had been taken from his account. He tried paying again and the same thing happened.

When I checked the store I found that the last order had been changed from "Completed" to "Pending" and the quantity of items changed to the number now required.

After contacting me, he then placed a new order, again from his mobile, which was a partial success in that payment went through OK but the order status remained at "Pending", which I had to manually correct.

Is there any reason why a transaction from a mobile device would differ from that from a PC? Is there a bug of some sort? I'd be grateful of anyone's thoughts on this.

I'm running CC6.0.12

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