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Can't add images to products


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Welcome Otaku8! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

We would ask that you check in admin, Error Log (near the bottom of the left-side navigation), System Error Log tab, and determine if any errors are logged that may reference CubeCart's inability to write to a folder.

If no error is logged there, then please perform this task and report the contents of the error_log file.

We hope to discover what is preventing you from getting an image uploaded into CubeCart so that you can then assign that image to the product.

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Allow me to ask for clarification. Are you able to actually upload an image? You can upload an image from either the Edit Product page (not the Add Product), and also from the FileManager page.

If you can upload the image, do you then see it in the list of images when viewing the Edit Product page?

If so, by clicking on the empty square to the right of the image filename, it will change to a checked box, then another click will change it to a gold star. Does this happen?

If none of the above, do you have permission to contact the hosting company's tech support? If so, please ask them if there are any permissions settings on the following folders or files that would prevent CubeCart from being able to write files into them:



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Ok, so we are back to needing to know if the file was actually, successfully saved in the /images/source/ folder.

In your browser's address bar, type this address:

Obviously substituting mystore for your domain and using the known name of the image.

We are wanting the web server to fetch the actual image that was uploaded and presumably saved.

If you get a 404, then the image wasn't actually saved and we are back to wanting to check folder permissions.

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It's 404'ed, and now the image is not showing at all in the list of images.

I'm also getting my boss to check if our domain's allotment of server space is full or not. Do you think that could be the issue? If it is CubeCart isn't saying so.

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We had an interesting situation a few days ago in that images were not appearing.

The investigation showed that the folders /images/cache/ and /images/source/ did not exist!

We found the problem had to do with the use of WinZip in that when unzipping the CubeCart package, WinZip had not, and does not, unzip empty folders.

So, after unzipping the CubeCart package, and then FTP'ing the resultant folder structure up to his site, those image folders were not present and images were not working.

So, how did you get CubeCart installed? Did you FTP the unzipped folder to your site?

If so, use FTP to verify the existence of the /images/ folder, and inside that folder, verify the existence of the /source/ and /cache/ folders.

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You can assign an image from when at the Edit Product page, but not the Add Product page. It is best to create the product so that there is a 'product_id' for the database, then go back and assign an image to that existing product. The 'product_id' is now known and the assignment should succeed.

We have found this two-step process to be the best way -- Add, then Edit with assigning the image.

Hope this process works for you.

But we have not yet learned why you got the 404 when asking for the image directly.

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I thought the same thing with creating then editing, but the error seems to be random.

Now, I have to go through the edit page multiple times to get it to work (as in dozens of attempts). Yet on other occasions when I create a new product it works first time.

This error is doing my head in...

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