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Foundation skin v6.0.12 add to basket pop up problems

Dr. Gonzo

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Hello all,

I seem to be having a problem with the Foundation skin and the add to basket popup that appears when you click the add to basket button. On a regular browser such as IE or Firefox it works fine however when browsing on a mobile device such as a phone, the popup window is cut off by the menu bar. Anyone know how I can fix this? For now I have the cart set to go to basket on add but it makes it easier to continue shopping if I could have this popup working on mobile devices.

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Firefox has a "Responsive Design View" (menu, Developer. RDV). The browser then shows what the page will look like as if it were being seen on a narrow viewport.

It is up to the browser to respond to a query by javascript with a value of how wide the viewport happens to be. The javascript then can maipulate certain DOM nodes and CSS rules to create the appropriate layout.

As such, Add to Basket will "popup" a simple green bar in the middle of the viewport saying the item has been added. This is not the same as a much wider viewport showing the box containing all the items, prices, and total.

I trust Firefox's RDV. (I don't do mobiles.)

If anyone else can confirm your observations on their mobile, we might have a way to troubleshoot.

In the meantime, can you say that you have not modified your installation of Foundation in such a way that might cause this anomaly? May we have a web address to experiment with?

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