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"How can i disable cache on Cubecart but keep performance."

You should know that a cache causes a page to be built and to become available faster, to be sent back to the browser. If you do not use a cache that would serve previously built pages, then to get the same response time, you would need an incredibly fast and powerful server.

"as I want my product images list on google images search"

Images, as well as CSS and javascript files, are a page's resources. After the HTML page is built and sent to the browser, the browser then makes separate requests for these resources. Once the HTML page is built and sent off, CubeCart is finished. Responding with the sending of the CSS, javascript, and image files is the web server's job and does not get CubeCart involved at all.

"after upgrading to cc6 i lose all my images listed on google images search"

CC3/4 used the actual image filename. CC5/6 creates a number of different sizes of the source image and gives them each a slightly different filename.

It may be the case where Google has not yet indexed your images. If so, then just wait.

It may be the case that Google has already (re)indexed your site, but for some reason, if the path to the image includes the word /cache/, then it might be ignored. But that is a silly guess. According to https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/114016, getting/finding your product's images on Google should happen eventually.

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