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Module cache?


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Is there a module/plugin cache?

I seem to be getting the same page over and over despite changing the underlying text in the code.  I deleted the files in the cache directory to no avail.  I am not running APC or anything and nginx has sendfile set to off.

Also, any docs on module development (other than the hooks article) or do we go with trial and error based off other modules?


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I have hit a couple of issues, but none relate to CubeCart. I use Hiawatha web server, and their v10 series uses a cache that only updates if the source document is of a later timestamp. I regularly restore files from an earlier backup, and therefore Hiawatha doesn't update its cache.

It is a good idea to switch off CC's internal cache system while in development. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Performance Section, enable debugging, enter your workstation's IP address (www.whatismyip.com), and disable caching. Smarty will still save compiled templates, but won't (shouldn't) use them.

There is no SDK. It is reverse engineering the existing extensions.

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