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[Resolved] Contact Form returning error


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I've enabled the contact us on the website and it was working well.

Last month I was informed the form no longer worked. Finally got to test it and yes, the form is broken. Keep getting an error:

The following errors were detected:

There was an error sending your message, please try again.

I have attached a capture of the error as well.

Any ideas?


Screenshot from 2016-09-09 15:28:01.png

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Welcome DAOwen! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, check to make sure nothing has been changed in the email settings. That is, the settings should be what you know them to work.

Then click the TEST button. (The TEST button only became available in the past couple of versions of CC6.)

There will be a popup window that will display the conversation the code in CubeCart is having with whatever is set up to accept emails from your store.

I will assume that, generally, emails sent from your store is working, otherwise the customer and admins will not be getting notices of orders having been placed.

So, we may need to check the contents of the Contact Us page (in admin, Contact Us, Content tab).

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Hi bsmiher,

Thanks for the welcome.

Not sure what the issue is, never changed anything from the best of my knowledge.

Here's the code displayed from the test:

CLIENT -> SMTP: EHLO daowenpublications.ca
SMTP -> ERROR: EHLO command failed: 
SMTP -> NOTICE: EOF caught while checking if connected
SMTP connect() failed.

Let me know what you think.


Crap! I'm dumb.

Just noticed the port was wrong for some reason. Changed and it worked.

Sorry for bothering you.


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