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[Resolved] New install - no links working, Bash on Windows 10 (WSL)


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Hi, I have exactly this problem https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/222/41/i-get-a-404-page-not-found-error-when-i-try-to-view-my-store-pages

I have done 2 new installs on the same machine, and it all looks fine, I can get to the store page and login to admin, but nothing else works and results in a 404 error. htaccess looks fine an has the correct folder. Apache has mod_rewrite loaded, I checked in phpinfo.

One major caveat: I am trying this on Windows Subsystem for Linux (bash/Ubuntu). Everyone seems to work as normal, just something is wrong seemingly with the rewrites. It would be nice to get this working as easier than dual booting into Linux, but with the same benefits.

Anyone have any ideas?


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"I can get to the store page..."

That would be /index.php - no URL rewrites are necessary.

"...and login to admin."

CubeCart's admin does not use rewrites. So, once logged in, you are able to see any and every admin page?

On the storefront, try: /index.php?_a=basket

If this works, the only thing left to blame is the web server.

CC6012 has its own 404 page (includes the Header, Nav bar, and right side-panel). The .htaccess file tells the web server to use CubeCart's index.php as the 404 page.

If you are not getting CubeCart's 404 page, but rather the web server's simple 404 message, then the web server configuration needs looked at. I think the configuration directive AllowOverride is involved.

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17 hours ago, bsmither said:

That would be /index.php - no URL rewrites are necessary.

Picking out this one fragment here but I would always suggest rewriting the /index.php to the domain name to avoid Google duplicate content penalties. You need to choose whether you use www or non www. and redirect these as well.  So for example if you choose to use www then

domain.com redirects to www.domain.com

domain.com/index.php redirects to www.domain.com

www.domain.com redirects to www.domain.com


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