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How to configure Shipping by product

Frank C.

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I am revamping our website to make it easier for customers to order from us.  We sell services, xray film, software, and other misc products.  As I stated earlier I already plugged in the 7 day trial to use the " Link CubeCart Products to Specific Shipping Services / Modules £25.99" which will give me until Monday to figure out how it works. The software sales can ship using a flat rate calculated per order not per item.   The xray film has weight to each box of 100ct and there are 5 boxes per case.  Those would have to be calculated by weight.  I requested of our vendor to provide us with a per box and per case weights for the various film sizes so that we can plug that info into the product details.  Rather that go on with what I tried etc. I will just differ to your experience to offer what you feel is a best case scenario of how to setup our shipping per item so that one item can ship flat rate, and another can ship by weight on the total order not multiplying by item which could inflate the shipping.

From what I see about the plug in needs to have listed shipping providers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.  I was hoping to be able to setup our own shippers and then we could configure them the way we want and not have to download and install shipping plug ins like All In One Shipping USPS Shipping Service Name, because it only allows you to select installed shipping plugins.

I hope I am making sense here.



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