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Backup issue after upgrade


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Upgraded to the newest version.

Im trying to do a  file back up and am getting this:

Error: PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) : Unable to open archive 'backup/files_6.0.12_27Sep16-020437.zip' in wb mode


When trying to back up the database Im getting this:

  • PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4) : File '/var/www/html/creations/backup/database_full_6.0.12_creations_27Sep16-020743.sql' does not exist
  • Database backup failed.

Not sure whats going on here




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Actually I run my own server I know its pushing enough memory. 

I figured it might be permissions and set full read and write on the files and folders and Im getting the same. It was throwing a couple of other similar errors but those were cleared with the permission changes   


Not sure what "wb" is?

With regards to memory. Are you talking about the amount allocated by php

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The Maintenance functions call the database functions (a 'class') to do a SQL Backup. The database class function 'doSQLBackup()' opens (creates a file first if necessary) a file in the backup folder. This function writes a bunch of stuff to that file. When finished dumping the contents of the database tables into this file, then, if you chose to compress the file, this function calls the PclZip class to zip it.

The way the database function is written, even if the compression fails, the original dump file is still deleted. (I think that is a bad decision. I will post a bug report.)

As an experiment, make a database backup again, but deselect 'compression'.

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