[Resolved] create account checkbox NOT checked by default

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Hi All,

Would apreciate some advice.

I use Galaxy skin but code is the same in Foundation skin.

in: templates - content.checkout.confirm line 206 - contains  <input type="checkbox" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" {$REGISTER_CHECKED}>

This adds a checkbox option "I would like to create an account." (checked by default.) to the checkout page for unregistered users.

Assuming this does not break something else I would like this checkbox to be unchecked by default.

If I delete {$REGISTER_CHECKED} this does the trick but I am not sure if this is acceptable 'codewise' or may cause other problems?




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you simply need to remove " {$REGISTER_CHECKED}".

don't forget to clear your cubecart cache after, otherwise it may not pick up the change right away.




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