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[Resolved] recaptcha


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I think you can just remove it from your store template, although I've not tested to see if the cart expects a captcha value when it's enabled in the admin area. Best to test it out and see. :)

I think content.checkout.php and similarly names template files are th eones you want.

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this works:

In the file cubecart.class.php :
1- Find:
if (!isset($this->_basket['recaptcha'])) {
Change to:
if (false && !isset($this->_basket['recaptcha'])) {

if ($GLOBALS['config']->get('config','recaptcha') && !$GLOBALS['session']->get('confirmed', 'recaptcha')) {
Change to:
if (false && $GLOBALS['config']->get('config','recaptcha') && !$GLOBALS['session']->get('confirmed', 'recaptcha')) {

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On 4/22/2017 at 9:19 AM, Dirty Butter said:

I just solved 21 challenges to prove I'm human on ONE test order! I desperately need to have a fix so checkout does not use recaptcha v2. For now I have no choice but to turn off recaptcha entirely.

Same here. I deal with manually deleting the obvious bot/would-be-hacker customer registrations so that paying customers don't have to be inconvenienced so much that they'll probably decide it's not worth placing an order. :(

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