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Gift Certificates Not Sending


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I've just discovered the gift certificate feature so tried to create a few.

I assume that when I fill out the contact form, it would email my friend with his gift certificate ???

I'm filling out the form on the customer side, with the amount, where I want it to go and a note, but I'm not receiving the email to my 'so called' friends email.


I've checked the mail logs on the server, and it doesn't appear to send anything.


Any thoughts on where to start looking ?


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Not sure if this is an acceptable work-around but setting the order state to cancelled and saving then going back in and setting back to complete triggers the email sending.

The customer will get two emails though, one that says cancelled and the other that states completed again.

You could change the message in something like the "fraud" email template to say something like "your gift certificate is being validated" then use this setting as a step for using this work-around until the issue is resolved. I think it comes from the fact that gift certs are automagically set to completed and miss the catch for email sending queue (as a guess).


Hope this helps


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I'm not sure that would be practical.

The GitHub posts suggests that it only affects orders where there is only a gift certificate on the order.

So potentially some orders would be emailed and some wouldn't.

It would be impractical to scour every order to see if any were just a single gift certificate, especially considering we take about 50 orders or more per day.

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Fair enough keat, if you were looking for a quick workaround to the problem then that may have been practical but from the numbers you're getting through I suppose it's not.

Regardless, it appears the issue has been resolved: (https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/764) You need to enable the setting:  "Force Order Completed Emails" in admin. It's unclear if the bug with regards to SMTP password clearing after updating settings has been addressed yet so just watch out for that in case it hasn't.



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I have the following issue. The email to the GC recipient is not sent.

Everything goes through, however when I go in as admin and set the order to " order complete" I get a red line stating the following:

Failed to send gift card by email. Please check email configuration.

All emails work except for the this one.

Any help please?

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