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After Upgrade 6.1.1 Rebuild Sitemap returns Blank Page

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After successfully doing the upgrade, I was doing some regular maintenance.

When I "Rebuild Sitemap" it returns Blank Page then I reload the page and get the warning

"Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used."

And it returns me to the Dashboard.

The other maintenance items do not return errors.

Thank You in advance for your assistance


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We can look at why, after having clicked Submit on the Rebuild Sitemap, you got an empty page.

But, it seems PHP crashed after CubeCart created a new Security Token. Now that CC has a new Security Token, "reloading" the page may have caused the browser to re-submit the last page (as that was the last action it did), but in doing that, the submission included the obsolete Security Token. And that is why CubeCart gave you that message and took you to the Dashboard.

If the Rebuild Sitemap blank page happens regularly for you, please create the error_log.

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