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[Resolved] Untidy/ confusing messages on 'checkout' page

Big Gee

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I'm using the Pay Pal gateway (clunky and clumsy as I find it is, but as the site owner has an existing Pay Pal account I'm using it). It's the Pro/ Express plugin version. I've got it to work after a fashion (after having inserted a message at the checkout page to stop any confusion for new/ unwary potential buyers). Now they know they can pay without a Pay Pal account. It would be nice to insert a payment card graphic there - but that's a job for later, for now I need to get things working properly.

When a payment is made via the Pay Pal portal the buyer is brought back to the CC checkout page - see below:


Is this the way it's supposed to work? I've tried setting it up on PP so that buyers are taken nto a 'Thank You' HTML page on the seller's site, but that doesn't seem to work at all - they just get left with a blank screen..

This rather ambiguous message box shown above says "Please click 'Make Payment' to complete your order". THERE IS NO LINK or "MAKE PAYMENT"  BUTTON on the checkout page! This is horribly confusing for potential buyers. In reality what it's asking for is for the "3 Payment" link to be clicked - but who the hell is going to guess that?

So, I need to change either the wording in the message box (but I don't know whether that is injected in by Pay Pal or generated within Cube Cart itself). Or I'll have to edit the "3 Payment" link wording to match the wording in the message box.

Can someone please shed light on the above? And tell me where to find the php file(s) I need to edit - assuming I need to? I'm new to this software and haven't found my way around yet. So your patience is greatly appreciated!



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In no particular order:

In admin, Languages, click the Edit icon of the language you want to edit.

On the next page, from the drop-down selector, choose 'Checkout'. A few seconds later, a table will appear.

Scroll to the key 'process_payment'. Change the phrase in the text field. Click Save.

The phrase "Please click 'Make Payment' to complete your order." is not found in CubeCart's language file.

The actual <div> that is displaying this message, and it's location in the template code, is dependent on the skin you are using. In Foundation, in main.checkout.php, the template code instructs the rendering engine to include the templates/box.progress.php template, then to include the templates/box.errors.php template. Your skin may have the order reversed.

The box.errors.php template is used by CubeCart, and any after-market plugins, to display any messages that might be important for the customer or admin to know.

Knowing that the phrase isn't in CubeCart's language file, it stands to reason that this message is coming from code in the PayPal plugin, or from a PayPal message sent in the transaction status response.

I don't find this phrase in the /modules/plugins/PayPal_Pro/ language file. So, it must be coming from PayPal (or I missed it from somewhere else).

In one of the modes that PayPal Pro uses, the usage of CubeCart's Request functionality is put in play. This means the Request and Response is logged in CubeCart's admin, Request Log. Please scan through this log looking for this phrase.

Ok, I found the phrase. It is in /modules/plugins/PayPal_Pro/hooks/class.cubecart.construct.confirm.php. (It is hard-coded in this file - it really should be a key into the module's language file.)


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That text should show after the customer has returned from PayPal to authorise the payment. The text on the Checkout button really should have changed to "Make Payment".

I think the issue here is to make it work as it should.


1. make sure the store is at the latest version.

2. make sure the extension is at the latest version.

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Excellent fellas! You're a STAR bsmithers.

Followed your guidelines and it's sorted - the checkout message is now what I want, and everything should be clear for buyers to complete their orders. That Pay Pal gateway plugin file that needed editing was well hidden wasn't it?

Brookbanks, I follow your logic. Everything for the store IS up to date. Regarding the button that changes to "Make Payment" I believe is the one I deleted, because it also caused confusion as it did not have a function when the Pay Pal button was displayed, because the one that linked to the Pay pal site was the Pay Pal button, having two that appeared to have the same function was not practical. The way it now works eliminates any confusion and is easy  for new visitors to the site to proceed through the process.

Many thanks to you both . . . .


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