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I'm working on a Welcome Email plug-in.
However, I'm having some issues.

One, it's saving Plain-text, not FCK, chances are I'm just missing something here.

Two, I don't know how to trigger it without modifying the registration script itself.

Any documentation would be good but then I've searched and seem to find there is nothing?
Why is there no documentation for module development?

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"The HTML editor is saving as plain-text instead of HTML."

The rich-text editor allows to design a web page using graphical tools and dialog boxes.

To actually be able to type in raw HTML code, you will need to switch the editor to Source mode. On the top toolbar row, click the Source button. Then tags and other HTML syntax will be safe.

Also, when saving the contents of the rich-text editor, the PHP code that accepts the editor's content to be databased must use:


Otherwise, $_POST['name_of_field'] has tags and stuff stripped out -- for safety.

I am not aware of any documentation for plugin development.

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There is basic documentation found here : https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/203/46/how-can-i-create-a-plugin-using-the-code-hooks-system

After that, I would suggest looking at a couple of the simpler free plugins and seeing how they are put together


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