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Skin Configuration Plugin

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We have today release V1.0 of our Skin Configuration plugin which adds the ability to configure certain settings and display options from within the plugin admin screen rather than having to make changes to a skin's core files.

Three skins are currently supported (our flagship Retail Therapy skin plus also Nautical and Party Time) and all are available from the Havenswift Hosting website and also from the Extension Marketplace. It is possible for any 3rd party skin to be changed to also be supported.  

Features currently configurable are :

* Slider Configuration - many aspects can be controlled
Mode - Type of transition between slides 
Slide transition duration
Start slider on a random slide 
Include image captions. 
The type of "easing" to use during transitions 
Ability to include video slides 
The amount of time between each slide transition
Auto show starts playing on load
Enable pause when mouse hovers over slide

* Turn on the image magnify functionality
* Choose the number of subcategory images per row - the Foundation default of 6 very small images is not to most people's tastes
* Advanced Search Manufacturer layout - Choice between grid, table and chosen - as per new feature https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1374
* Ability to choose between Search icon or have search box always open

For Retail Therapy skin there are some additional items that can be configured :

* The display of short descriptions for each Latest Product on the homepage can be enabled.
* It is possible to disable the horizontal menu on the home page 
* It is possible to disable the horizontal menu on everything but the home page
The plugin is free to all registered users of Havenswift Hosting skins

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