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Square E-commerce API Integration


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I see that Square now has an e-commerce API that allow you to use them to process payments on your own ecommerce site.  Is anyone working on an extension for Square?  They are less expensive to use than Paypal Pro.  Their website address is:  squareup.com/ecommerce . 

If there are any developers out there that would like to give me a quote on integrating Square I'd appreciate it.  I'm looking for something very similar to the Paypal Pro extension on the credit card would be processed by Square instead of Paypal Pro.  (I would like it to still include Paypal Express Checkout for customers that have Paypal accounts.)



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I totally agree with this. And unlike PayPal, you don't have to login, transfer and wait 3 days to get your money in your bank as with Square, money is automatically deposited into your bank account the next business day. And yes, Squares rates are much cheaper.

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On 2/10/2017 at 7:36 PM, xmasnut said:

Dang!  Isn't anyone even interested in providing me with a quote to integrate Square?

We do a lot of payment gateway integrations, including some custom ones, and would be interested if you have a suitable budget - developing and testing a gateway is not a trivial task !  By all means drop me a PM on here or contact me via our website but be warned, they dont come cheap



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Thanks for the responses.  Typical non-technie here, huh?  I had hoped that it would be as easy as taking the Paypal Pro extension and swapping the Square API for the Paypal API.  My budget for this is in the hundreds, but not thousands.  If anyone ever comes up with an Square gateway, I would definitely be a buyer.  Square is SOOOOOO superior to Paypal.

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