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Change item "cost" based on options?


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Just wondering if this is possible? for example i sell an item with lots of different options, 4 different sets of options, one of the sets of options does have a sell price variable entered in so i am selling the item for as an example $2 more, but i would like to be able to also adjust my cost for the item so i get accurate reporting (using the advanced reporting extension)

right now i can only set one cost for the item, and its really not practical for me to split it in to 3 separate items for each option


option 1 cost is $2 sell is $5

option 2 cost is $2.35 sell is $6

option 3 cost is $2.50 sell is $7 

but i can only enter one cost, so i cant get accurate profit reporting for each item sold.


sorry if this is really confusing, still on my first coffee.

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I can certainly add a report to the Advanced reports module to meet your criteria,  which will only be visible if the stock levels module is installed.

Currently it only gives you on hand stock values based on quantity in stock and cost.

I just need to know what columns you would want to see in the report. :)

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i think if it just showed all the options in the existing report it'd be sufficient, at least for now :P


i think it'd be easier to just have an option on the advanced reports config to toggle on and off integration with the stock levels module (just so the option is there if someone doesn't want to use the sock levels module pricing), and then just have the main report show the stock levels version instead of the basic version.


Not related to this, i'd love to see a page for each item (both a consolidated item view and a view for each individual option in the matrix) with the advanced reporting, specifically each order showing quantity, cost, sell, profit, margin, and totals, filterable by date range.


Also it'd be nice if i could change the date range shown on the dashboard through a dropdown or something instead of having to go to the settings and change it.

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