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Admin side filling mobile data field


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I had a customer call today to say that he didn't get a password reset and could I reset it for him which I did.

However, when doing so, I noticed that the mobile field in his profile details were populated with my admin username.

So i cleared this before resetting his password and went to play with my own test user profile.


If the mobile field is empty when I go to edit an account, my browser is populating it with the admin username.

If I save the changes and then login to my customer account, I can see the data in the mobile field.


Any ideas why ?


I ran a database quey and found the mobile field populated with my admin account on two accounts.

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Please remind us of the exact version of CubeCart you are running.

Assuming CubeCart code is not at fault, do you have some sort of browser-helper where form fields are filled in automatically using best-guesses?

If you are not sure about the browser-helper, please try this on a different browser on a different computer.

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This has been happening to me too for some time now in Firefox. I think it is a brower issue as bsmther suggests where the field is automatically filled in (but not actually saved or in the database). As long as it deleted before any changes are saved it shouldn't be an issue. Happens with Firefox but not Chrome.

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Still happening for me. It's the grayed in placeholder looking admin login term that can be seen when logged in as a customer or even creating a fake customer. I use FF as well.

This was supposedly fixed with v 6.0.12.


I commented on this old GitHub closed issue with a link to this thread.


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