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Why did my site fall on google searches? Will pay with Paypal for someone to fix!


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My site is www.UnionShirtSupply.com and is approx. 12 yrs. old.  It used to be top 5 on all searches, but since i check today, it slipped to 2nd page and beyond.  I dont know how to setup in the admin to maximize my google search. 

If there are any experts who can help i can pay with paypal, i need to be on the 1st page.

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12 years ago, you could almost put any old website up and be ranked reasonably well, these days that is totally impossible and without putting some work, time and often money into SEO you will get very few, if any search engine phrases ranked at all on new sites and rankings on old sites will start to plummet.

Good SEO on a site covers so many areas that it can seem very daunting but any changes that are made to a store will help in a small way.  It is a constantly moving target and so what was recommended even a few years ago as a way of getting good rankings (which were mainly ways to manipulate the search engine rankings) is now likely to get you excluded via a manual penalty or your site which drap dramatically due to the old factors that used to work and now ignored.

However, do not ever go to any company or person that promises 1st page rankings as that simply cannot be done (by anyone).  A quick look at your site shows quite a few obvious problems but it would need an in depth analysis to identify more areas and if you are interested then please get in contact


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