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I've upgraded to v6.1.1 to see if this upgrade can solve my problem, which didn't apparently. 

On front store screen, "customer"s right-top corner buttons navigates to nowhere. I don't recall what I have changed after upgrading to v6.1.0 but all I remember is, I was trying to solve POF (print order form) problem (which is still exist btw) 

When I mouse over the shortcut links, it shows link at the bottom of page as "..../cube/index.php#"




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When seeing a link with a hash character as the only thing there, this is a technique where the HTML anchor tag looks like:

<a href="#">something</a>

This gets an anchor tag that when clicked, the browser must do something. But this tag goes nowhere.

However, it is almost always the case that there is a javascript 'listener' attached to this tag, so that when clicked, the javascript is executed and some sort of programming does a special effect - like sliding out a sub-menu, of gathering form details for verification before actually submitting the data.

If, when clicking on these symbols, absolutely nothing actually happens, then we can suspect that the javascript isn't running or has crashed.


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Here's my initial conclusion:

You manually did this, or have a web server helper do this, to "squeezify" the content being sent out back to the browser.

By "sqeezify", I mean that when the input is "pretty printed", the output will have, at least, all the line endings removed. Sometimes the comments are removed, and sometimes the leading spaces are removed. But not in this case.

The sqeezify causes this problem:

if (some_test) { // this is a comment to the end of the line
  some important code

if (some_test) { // this is a comment to the end of the line some important code }

Normally, a 'minified' file, as indicated by the filename with '.min.' in it, has all comments removed (as well as all line endings and spaces).

At some time, the decision was made to make available the un-minified version of the core Foundation engine javascript, but keep the name 1.foundation.min.js. The un-minified version has comments liberally sprinkled throughout.

So, having squeezified the file, problems are created and javascript crashes.

Please examine the server environment to determine if there is a server helper that strips line ending from text-type files passing through.



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