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Version 6.1.3 downloads file not found issue in product description


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An issue has occurred upon version update 6.1.3 - although as others have noted on this forum I'm not convinced this update since I had problems with it.

I sell sheet music from a website and all the products are downloads - have been doing this with CC since Version 3.N

For security, all downloads are in a directory at the same level as public_html

I refer to them in Products/Dashboard/product name/Digital using the file path/name.ext mechanism for example /home/siteparent/filename.ext

This has worked for years without problems.

Following the update, this link is broken.

In the Product tab, every reference to the file generates an error "It has not been possible to locate the download file path/name"

Can anyone explain why this has happened and, more important, how to fix it please?

Many thanks



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Sorry for the late reply your very quick response.

As I recall, the most recent upgrade to .13 was not straightforward. The previous version was .11 and a couple of versions came out in quick succession so I went for .13

However this did not install smoothly for me, so I went for the email directory patch option, leaving the rest of the store intact.

I do have 2 stores, the other seems to be working although I followed the same procedure - but I'll check again.

Now CC614 is out with an instruction to upgrade I'll try that with the non-problem site to see what happens.

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I've been testing CC613, and when putting a valid absolute path/filename in the "Custom File Path", I do not get any warning about the admin code not being able to verify the 'on-server' location of the file (CubeCart does not attempt to verify the available of an off-server' location such as the path being an http or ftp URL). A purchase of this item gets a Downloads link in the customer account and the download happens. I've not found anything to have questions about.

I am working on a similar issue, but have not heard back on the efforts asked to come up with some research results.

As best I know, there is nothing about CC614 that has any relevance to this issue.

If you want to join in on the research, send me a PM with your email address.

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