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Triggering Mailchimp automation after purchase

Will Shaman

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I'm developing a site (www.theolyn.com) for which we use Mailchimp to handle newsletters, mailouts, etc. The main reason for this is because Mailchimp has a really easy-to-use yet sophisticated automation system.

What I want to achieve is a product that is delivered in a series of automated emails (using Mailchimp) over a number of days. Ideally, I want a customer to make their purchase and, as a result of this, for the appropriate Mailchimp automation to be triggered. Mailchimp can then handle the frequency and content of the deliveries straightforwardly from there on.

The gap in my knowledge is how to fire the trigger in the first place. I'm aware that, in order for this to work, the user will have to be registered on my Mailchimp list, but this is easy to do by asking the customer to create an account at Theolyn.com, if they don't already have one, and log in at purchase (I have CC and MC synchronised with Semperfi's Mailchimp Plugin).

Mailchimp has a variety of plugins to achieve this with other cart solutions, but Cubecart isn't one of them. However, Mailchimp does supply an integration called API 3.0, which says…

A subscriber's email ID is posted to the endpoint https://us4.api.mailchimp.com/3.0/automations/6aec3caf78/emails/7b9f1e7f8a/queue

…but I haven't the foggiest idea what to do with this. Is this within the scope of a reasonably intelligent person who isn't a code poet?

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I do this when customers complete a purchase. They are automatically joined to a BUYERS list on MC. Then I use their addition to that list as a trigger to add their email to the queue for an automated email. Other emails can be triggered by whether they open/click/etc. on their first email.

I had to do a good bit of trial and error getting it setup properly, and Daren was very helpful, too. But I'm far from a "code poet" LOL!


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Thanks Dirty Butter — helpful as ever! But how do you get MC to know the purchase has been completed?

I've put in the Goal Integration snippet at the bottom of my main.php head, but as I understand it, that integration only works when people are buying from a link in a campaign they've received. In my case, I want MC to trigger when a particular product is actually bought, wherever the customer comes from.

Thanks and thanks again in advance for any light you can shed for this poor mortal! :)

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