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Installing and updating Cubecart

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Dear Cubecart team, Good afternoon! Reviewing the website of Cuibercart to be able to download from the page the Cubecart package that is through its WEB page (www.cubecart.com); Watching a video you have to upload the cubecart package to a web administrator (cPanel); My first question is: How do I get a Host Administrator with Cpanel? And if you have to pay to have a host administrator with cpanel? This is the link: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/cpanel/getting-started-cpanel/how-to-log-into-cpanel; And how do I upload the package from Cube cart to cPanel ?; You will like your answer, and if you do it in Linux environment

I attached the lionk of a video to install cuber cart from www.youtube.com (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI2r3cwD2Cs&t=243s)


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It is possible (although not advisable) to run CubeCart on a local Windows machine but 99% of people will need a web hosting account with a web host running Linux - cPanel is the most common hosting control panel.  Web hosting accounts do cost money and like with most things in the world, you generally get what you pay for so going for the big, cheap hosting companies is rarely the best option.

Most hosting companies are able to host CubeCart as it has very few requirements but if you are interested in talking to us, we are a leading CubeCart hosting company and offer free support for CubeCart with our E-Commerce hosting packages. We also install CubeCart for free if this is your first store or migrate it for free from any other hosting company if you already have an established site


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