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Can you edit the .00 price to read as FREE

Shari Marie

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CubeCart does not do this, yet. I am not aware of a plugin that does this specifically.

One of the things to work out is CubeCart's "Dynamic Price Updating" (DPU) on the Foundation skin (and other recent skins). This will have the skin (under javascript control) send back to CubeCart the calculated sum of the base price plus the price of selected options. This happens whether or not there are any options, and whether or not any options, when selected, have any prices associated with them.

So, even if we were to make some skin changes, the DPU would frustrate that display of the alternate price phrase.

This would be easy before the DPU and has been done numerous times.

But let me play around with it.

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Don't spend a lot of time on that BSmithers,  I was just checking it was not already an option that was easy to achieve. If that my biggest problem, life is good :)

I posted another question on the technical help section  about the photo/banner/slider thing ( Sorry for not being technical here, I cant think of its actual name) Anyway, I found it distracting at first , and deleted it before I should have.  I'd like to see how it looks after all. That will teach me not to "delete" on a whim.  haha  Can I get it back?

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