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Two Cubecart shops for One PayPal Account


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I was wondering if it is possible to run two cubecart shops with one PayPal account?

Anyone doing this? Any Issues?

One shop is CC3 and the other is CC6

The CC3 shop is coming to the end of its life but there will be a couple of months when they will both be using the same PayPal account if possible.


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I don't do PayPal. but from the code (at least the gateway, not so much the plugin) I see that the URL for which to send back the IPN is specified on each transaction. From what I understand, this URL can also be set in PayPal's Merchant Account Settings area.

So, knowing that each store must receive it's own respective IPN, the conclusion is to NOT set this in your Merchant Setting area. (I have no idea if that's possible.) And by "each store" I mean your store(s) need not be only CubeCart. Again, other applications that may want PayPal to make transactions will need to be able to specify their specific URL for their receiving the IPN.


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I have 3 shops with PayPal same email account no issues, doing it for years. 

The only thing you need to be aware of is your store name, you should use something mutual for different products, maybe even ambiguous name so not to divert the attention of the shopper!

hope this helps you further 


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Hi Guys,

What do I put in the Notification URL? as I have tried to leave it blank but it wont allow that?

The only option is to turn it off (Disable) but then the status in the shop stays on Pending.

I was hoping that the shops would manage the IPN independently, Is that possible?

Regards gary


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If you are referring to the CubeCart admin module settings page, that field shows what will be used. (If it is editable, then maybe we should look into making that field "disabled".)

If you are referring to your PayPal Merchant Account config pages, I don't know what to do about that.

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Hi Brian,

It was the Notification URL box within PayPal where you add the address from Cubecart.

For example http://www.yourdomian-name.com/modules/gateway/PayPal/ipn.php is what the old version 3 shop used.

There is no address in cubecart version 6 for PayPal.

Worldpay for example in cubecart 6 has this http://www.yourdomain-name.com/modules/gateway/WorldPay/return.php 

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