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Short Descriptions & product options (Text Areas)


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hello, I am new to this product and forum, I have been experimenting with a few template modifications, but could not figure out where does the product short description renders?

and one very important question, did anyone successfully change the text area option, into a product attribute?

I have been trying this, but could not figure it completely out.

I resorted to other ways (you can see them here

Any insight is highly appreciated



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Welcome bobyan! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

For the Foundation skin, the product's Short Description is used when viewing a category of products in list mode (also in sale items list and search results list).

If there is no Short Description, CubeCart uses the first XX number of characters of the main description having stripped off any HTML tags.

My original proposal for the Short Description was to give a hint on the admin screen that shows these editors that the Short Description should be incredibly concise, but be fully styled. The latest version of CC6 will still truncate/strip that Short Description if it is longer than the admin setting "Product Precis".

(I feel this programming decision is misplaced. This is 'display-logic', not functional logic. If the skin layout can't handle the length of the Short Description, code the skin to set a limit and let the skin rendering engine deal with it.)

CubeCart makes available the Description and Short description to any skin template that shows a product in the main area. They are not available in side areas such as Featured Product or Best Sellers (but can be easliy coded to do so).


When you say "change the text area option into a product attribute", what do you mean?

A text area option is something that a customer can choose to specify the content.

A product attribute, in the context of the admin creating this product, will specify (weight, condition, etc). In the context of the customer, the attributes are what you have assigned (Size: small, medium, large).

So, we would be interested in a use case that demonstrates your question.

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Thank you besmither

Your posts & replies here have helped me long before; I started using the forum !

a. I have removed the list display & search options; I guess that explains why I could not see the effect of the short descriptions.

b.About the text option; what I; would like to explore doing is to modify the template; in away that would let me add text from the admin side, and display it as an additional product attribute. that is a (Not-Required) product option, using only text format. "something along the lines; "prices per each"

I hope I made the picture a little clearer.

Thank you





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"I have removed the list display"

So, what you are saying is when viewing products in a Category, the only layout is the grid? If so, then the short description (for Foundation) will not be displayed even though it is available to the skin. Maybe use an alt or title attribute to toss up a "tooltip" having the short description (cannot use HTML).

Regarding point 'B', if this is a true optional attribute, gift-wrapped for example, then Option Attributes would be Yes or No on a drop-down or radio list.

But I think I see you are trying for something else.

Maybe not so much a user-selectable option, but just an indicator of some sort that gets updated from some other choices made?

Currently, displayed prices per each are only updated when an option is selected, but not updated if the product implements a multi-price table and the quantity is changed. (In admin, add/edit a product, Pricing tab, Quantity table.) But you said, "something along the lines" which means not that exact solution you are looking for.



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what I am looking for is to display text in that area, (not a real option) just a product specific text like I said price per each or the size of a can of coke for example.

I am still working on it, I will post if I do find a workaound

Thank You

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