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Options tutorial?


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Is there a tutorial on options?

I have a product, say a speaker, and I want to offer it in either 110v for US, or 220v for UK and also EU. I'd like the SKU to be updated with the options, and to be displayed on the invoice so when it is entered into our accounting software, the operator just has to enter the displayed sku. (Without "converting" the description to a sku.) Can that be done?

Also, can "add ons" be listed as a separate line item?

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If there is, I am not aware of a tutorial.

The first step is to create a collection of options. This collection will eventually be assigned to products.

In admin, Product Options, Option Groups, add a new group. For example, Power Plug. Then click Save.

On the Option Attributes tab, select Power Plug from the drop-down selector. Enter a new attribute. For example, US 110V. Click the little green circle with white plus. Enter a second attribute. For example, EU 220V. Click the little green circle with white plus. Save.

The second step is to assign options to products.

In admin, Products, click the Edit icon for a product you want to add options to. On the Options tab, select the option you want to assign to this product. From the Add New Option drop-down selector, choose Power Plug: US 110V. If this product has a different price for this style, you can enter a price differential or an absolute price. For now, leave blank. Click the little green circle with white plus. Keep doing this for a few more options. Save.

You should now see these options listed on the product's details page on the storefront.

The next step is to pass these Product Options over to the Options Matrix table. The Options Matrix table allows for distinct stock levels, product codes, and UPC codes.

Edit the product and on the Options tab, check the checkboxes for each option you want to appear in the Options Matrix table. Save & Reload.

Fill in the Options Matrix table. Save.

There will be an additional step of adding the UPC Code to the information displayed to the admin, warehouse crew, and accountant. We can do that shortly.

Add-ons as "related items" can be solved with a plug-in module. Look through the Plugins on the Marketplace.

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This is all great info and I think I've got the hang of product options. However, I can't see the options matrix table. I have selected status and options matrix checkboxes and then clicked on 'save and reload' but the matrix just doesn't come up. I've tried several different configurations and it still doesn't show up. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Sorry for hijacking this thread btw but I thought the info would be useful here. Mod please delete if you disagree.


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(Not verified but doubtful) Are your options assigned to the product using Option Sets?

Are you using an early version of CubeCart 5?

Does your database have the CubeCart_options_matrix table? If so, use an external utility to view the rows in this table. Find the rows where the 'product_id' is the id of the product you are experimenting with.


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