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Future Dating Price Changes


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I've had a dig around and can't see any threads on this, nor any plugins available...

I have a number of products which are on sale and want to be able to set up my product to revert to it's normal price at a certain date and time in the future. Can this be done? It's so that I can do this in advance say, on a Sunday afternoon, rather than having to go in at "silly a.m." to do it at the crack of dawn on the actual day.

If this turns into a feature request / plugin, catering for normal price changes as well as sale price changes would be good - in essence, a way to future date & time the price management of a product.


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4 hours ago, Dirty Butter said:

Interesting idea - and I don't remember any similar thread on here, either. Sorry I can't help, but I'm forever right there with your sig, except I'm on current version.

Cheers... Yes, we need to upgrade... Just a case of finding the time.

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2 hours ago, bsmither said:

I had someone running CC4 (maybe CC3?) with Milos' "Limited Time Sale Price" mod. (The product is not listed on his store.)

I tried to write something like it for CC5, but CC5 was too limited at the time.

Maybe I can try to write it for CC6.

Hey @bsmither... That'd be great - but please, not just because I've asked if it can be done. If you do embar upon a solution, I'd be happy to help define scenarios and beta test. My background is 18+ years in QA, softwarre testing and Agile / Scrum coaching.

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