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When manually adding a new customer, why the need of adding the name twice?


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Sometimes customers are lazy and "have no time to create an account", but since I want revenue I gladly help them.

Customer List -> Add new customer, add the name, "Unregistered customer" and Save. Done. Then heading to "Address book", add new address, and the customer name - again - before saving. The name is a required field, too.

Why? What's the purpose of forcing me to type the name twice?

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There are companies who have a main billing administrative center (a school district's admin office, for example). Then, there are a number of satellite offices (schools), each with their own contact person. (I have submitted a request to include for each addressbook delivery address an email field for the contact person's name.)

On the General tab, I sometimes enter the general company name. Then, on each address, for Company Name, I use a specific 'regional' name.


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