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Out of stock showing at options level

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I would like to improve the customer's experience at the product options selection process. Basically, I would like to show the "out of stock" product options" in grey next to the option like such:


- UK 10 (shown in standard text colour)

- UK 12 - out of stock (showed in grey text colour which cannot be selected)

At the moment, all sizes are shown as if all are in stock, yet, the customer will only find out if the size is in stock once selected, the page does a reload and the out of stock message appears in the red box above the listing. It is OK but not the best in customer's experience.

You will probably suggest that I manually remove the out of stock options but these will be back in as some items are part of the essentials range so stocked all the time so does not make sense to remove these plus very laborious task when you stock up to 9 sizes per garment.

Thanks for your advice.


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This is an ongoing concern. The essential problem is, what happens when there is more than one option?

Size, Color, Style

An option matrix can get out of hand very quickly, and it is only through the options matrix that allows for stock levels of specific option combinations.

For example, a "Black 12" is out of stock, but a "Black 10" and a "Red 12" is available. Neither "Black" nor "12", individually, can be indicated as unavailable.

I have seen 1D and 2D tables created from the options matrix. Any dimension above that will require being very inventive.

I did, however, make a Dynamic Stock Level Indicator that, once all required options were chosen, a query was sent to the store to determine if it was available.

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Hi bsmither,

Thanks for this recommendation. I did look at this plugin a while ago but discarded it as the options were shown in a tab which is a no go zone from current experience... but looking at it again, there seems to be a choice to present the options with out of stock under the product title which should work fine for me with some tweaks hopefully. Will contact Noodleman :-)

Thanks again



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If it's not too late, then I have exactly this feature.

Daren at Semperfi wrote me a custom mod.

Take a look at the 10mm option. https://www.beal.org.uk/electrical-products/copper-tube-terminals/copper-tube-terminals-6mm²-cable-size.html

In the product options section (admin side) is an additional checkbox, to dictate if the product option is in stock or not.


It's not quite working correctly on my 6.1.5 site, but I believe this to be a conflict with another mod.

Daren is looking in to this.

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This is correct.

By default, the mod will mark all options as available.

Then when an option goes out of stock, we manually uncheck the stock option, so it shows as 'unavailabe' and greyed out.

The way we keep a visual recollection of this would be to mark the master product as having 9999 in stock, so it shows up in the dashboard.


I'm not sure how this would work if the options were more complex than our though.

eg: T-Shirts, in Red, Blue Yellow, Green and Small, Medium Large.

Assume Green Medium goes out of stock, this mod wouldn't work, as marking either Green or Medium as unavailable would result in all Green or all Mediums being unavailable.

For this you'd need the complex and cumbersome options matrix.


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Hi keat

Thanks for this clarification. I have since installed Semperfi's mod and indeed it cannot cope yet with the complexity of the options matrix on an automated basis. However, I can cope and "live" for the time being with manually marking the option coming out of stock. At the end of the day, it is so much better for the customer to see at glance what's in stock and what's not.

Today I re-tested the actual default out of stock system with the matrix and it is very poor. For example, I have a garment with several sizes out of stock, the customer, let's assume choose Small. He/She then have to click on "add to basket" to  find out whether it is in stock or not with the big red message at the top:


The customer, let's assume, decides to check the next size up, medium. They then select Medium. At this stage, you would assume that the system would reload and refresh the page but it does not, so from a user point of you I find it very confusing. This big out of stock message applying to the previous size sits there, see below:



The customer has to click on "add to basket" to actually check the stock level. I think this is too much to ask from a customer's experience point of view and will result in lost sales. Even for me, for a moment I was not sure whether the out of stock message was for size small or for size medium. Too confusing.

This is why I think Semperfi's mod, although not automated yet, is a far better option than the current system (image below). I understand that the options matrix is a complex matter. Yet in V4, I use an options matrix and the out of stock message appears straight away as soon as I have chosen my size, as opposed to "add to basket".


I think Cubecart should really look into this issue to make it more customer's friendly or least back to what V4 was capable of doing.

I hope Al will read this feedback :-)



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