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[Resolved] No Gateway option for manual orders


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In Cubecart 4, we can manually adjust the "payment method" box within an order. This is great when creating manual orders or even amend an online order which failed online but completed over the phone for payment.

In Cubecart 6, this function has gone. Under the overview tab of the order, I can see that a Gateway type appears under the "Shipping Information" table if the order has been processed online. However, if I process a manual order, there is no gateway type box for me to enter "PAID BY PHONE" for the records, nor can I amend an existing online order which failed but processed over the phone. Yet I can amend all Shipping Information under the Delivery tab but no box for Gateway...

Does anyone know which files to amend and the code change required to make that box a permanent feature under the Delivery tab please ?

Many thanks.



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A proper solution would be more involved than the following (a proper list item on the Transaction Logs tab, for example), but here is an edit that puts a field on the Billing tab - which I think is more appropriate than Delivery.

In the admin template orders.index.php, find near line 264:


On a new blabnk line ABOVE that, add:

            <div><label for="sum_gateway">{$LANG.email.macro_gateway}</label><span><input type="text" id="sum_gateway" name="summary[gateway]" value="{$SUMMARY.gateway}" class="textbox"></span></div>


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