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Sale Pricing SQL commands

Brian Verboom

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Can someone create the sql command to create sale prices from retail x 0.8   (for a sale price = 80% or retail)  where cat id =  x

I want to run it a few times for different categories, creating sale prices by category, at a percentage of my retail pricing

And why when i select to view sale items (sale set globally in admin) I only see the two items that have sale prices set, yet in the side bar all items show up with the global discount applied.....all items are getting marked down, but the only ones that show up with pictures when I click "Sale Items" are the two I have already set up with sale prices.



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This would be similar to what you want to do:


Pricing Quantity changing SALE price to 80% of PRICE.
UPDATE `CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = (`price` *.8) WHERE `price` > 18.00 AND `stock_level` > 0;

Of course the stuff after WHERE would have to be changed to the category id.

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UPDATE `CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.8 WHERE `cat_id` = "x";

Be sure to prepend a table prefix if appropriate.

In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, there is "Number of sale items to display". Confirm this value.


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