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Are we 100% sure google does not see this as duplicate?




According to google webmasters HTML Improvements it does

Duplicate meta descriptions

Meta description information can give users a clear idea of your site's content and encourage users to click on your site in the search results pages.

i have 7 url's showing as duplicate 5 with .html?page=1.2, etc up to page 7

1 with /index.php?_a=contact, /index.php?_a=register, /login.html, /our-youtube-channel.html & /sale-items.html

1 with html?page=3&set_currency=AUD, html?page=3&set_currency=CAD, html?page=3&set_currency=JPY & html?page=3&set_currency=EUR


robots file

User-agent: *

Allow: /*page=all

Disallow: /?page=

Disallow: /*?seo_path=

Disallow: /*html?

Disallow: /*?set_currency

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I completely disagree with ayz's statements on this !

Google and other search engines will always see all possible urls and if you have duplicates that lead to the same page (ie the url is shown in the browser and isnt redirected) then this can cause you problems.  I have never said you would automatically get a duplicate content penalty but I know from personal experience with a client's site that this can and has been done by Google so for something so straight forward to fix, why not just sort it.

There is another good reason for eliminating duplicate url's which is also related to SEO - link juice for that page can and almost ceratinly will be split between each of the url variations - again, why would you ever want to take the chance of that happening when it will seriously hurt your SERPS


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1 hour ago, havenswift-hosting said:

something so straight forward to fix, why not just sort it

May i ask how i fix this Ian, i will but struggling to know where to fix these issues

in google with url parameters, .htaccess or robots.txt ?

thanks again for your help 

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after reading up on this issue, it would seem most guides recommend using rel=canonical tag in the document header into the page i want indexing and rel=canonical & noindex tag in the page=2-7 but with cubecart how do i enter these tags? i don't see anywhere to enter the code in document source?

or with Cubecart do i need to set up each ?page=2 etc as a 301 redirect?


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