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Hiy guys,

Just wondering if any one has ideas on this one.

The homepage Meta Title and Description is overiding all the other meta description. I've screenshot what I mean under the images Meta title 1,2 & 3. So if I type ladies 60's costumes or ladies flapper costumes it brings up the homepage meta description and meta title. 

As you can see from store setting image I have the Product, Category & Document Meta Data set to Replace Global Meta Data but it's still doing this. Any thoughts? Is there something I might be missing or need to change. I enclosed screen shot of the SEO for the Flapper costumes.

Cheers in advance


Home page meta.JPG

1920's flapper.JPG

meta title 2.JPG

meta title 3.JPG

meta title.JPG

store settings.JPG

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I just tried a normal search on Google for

60s hippie costumes men women myfancydress.

Yours shows up with " Come see our range of 1960s Fancy Dress Costumes, including hippie costumes, flower power dresses, psychedelic suits and swinging sixties outfits. "

That is the same thing I see in the Source Code for that category. Isn't that what you want to happen?

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Hiya Rosemary,

That result will only show because of the myfancydress part.  

Its just when a costumer does a search for lets say "flapper dress Ireland" or "1920's costume Ireland" or even "pirate costumes ireland" this is what shows up on the search results page.

My Fancy Dress Costume Shop


Here at My Fancy Dress, as one of Ireland's largest online costume shops, we hope our collection of Kids, womens men's and couples outfits will provide you ...
You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 05/04/17
People tend to only click on results that has the keyword that they searched for in it. As you can see there's no mention of the word flapper or 1920's in the results even though I have this  meta data filed in on the category and the products themselves.
Its just seems to be drawing the results from the meta data on the homepage document meta data and not any of individual categories. Its happening for all the different categories results on google. 
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OK - leaving off myfancydress and searching for 1920's costume ireland:

I see your shopping ad on the first page:


1920s Costumes - Buy 1920's Outfits Online‎


Great Range Of 1920's Costumes. Browse Online & Save. Fast Delivery

and your store listing on the 2nd page:


My Fancy Dress Costume Shop

Here at My Fancy Dress, as one of Ireland's largest online costume shops, we hope our collection of Kids, womens men's and couples outfits will provide you ...

I went through 10 pages of results and never saw your listing, except for these two.

I'll try some searches for our store and see what I get.

I tried Aurora plush animals and found our listing on the 3rd page:


Aurora Plush Animals - Dirty Butter

We carry a wide variety of gently used and mint condition Aurora and A&A plush animals. Many are like new.

It does use the metadata for that category listing.

But I still don't know what could be different between your code and mine. I'm so sorry I can't help.

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