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[Resolved] rewrite url seo question


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I want to migrate all my shops to Cubecart ... why? Because i use it many years and it is f* amazing!!!! :) Everything is just out of the box ... other shipping carts can learn from it. Specially the clean coding and fantastic structure (just like linux hehe).

BUT i have a question ....

Is it possible to make SEO path like this:


And of-course without the .HTML.

Please tell me how to fix this. Then i will move all my opencart websites to cubecart!



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Thanks for your show of support! 

Please note that hasn't been tested. It should be as simple as changing these lines of code:



Then delete your root .htaccess file or edit ot to match the changes on line 856 above. 

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Thanks for the fast reply.

So if i am looking at this line:

RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html?$ index.php?seo_path=$1 [L,QSA]

Can you tell me how to edit the line in to have this result:



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Thanks for your reply.

Wouldn't that just remove the .html in the end?

I want Cubecart to have the same URLS and SEO format as my current opencart.

My opencart works like this:

If i create a category "Flower" and i add the product "Rose" to the category flower, then my SEO URL is:


What Cubecart does is:


How do i get this format:

www.domain.com/category/product ?

Thanks again.

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