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[Resolved] Manual orders - to stop UK county being compulsory


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When I create a manual order, 99% are for a UK address. The system forces me to select a county which is not a compulsory data for delivery with Royal Mail for instance.

When I use Royal Mail postcode search, you get addresses with no county. So now, I end up having to search Google with my postcode to find the county so that Cubecart allows me to save my manual order.

Is there a way I could stop the admin to force a county selection for manual orders but leave it live with online orders ?



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Not quite the answer you were looking for, but if you create a new zone, give it an abreviation like MTY (empty),and in the name field add about 4 blank spaces.

You can save this as an empty county which also appears at the top of your county list so easy to find.

I suppose a lazy customer could also use this though.

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I'm in the US, but I can make good use of this as well for our UK customers! I just tried it, and it works - but it puts a comma in front of the ZIP on the delivery address for the packing slip.

Creating orders for a UK customer are extremely rare for me, but this comma might need to be edited out of your packing slip for those who need to do this a lot.

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My work around is once the address is entered go to another tab ie overview is the one I use then click either the "save" or "Save and reload" button then it seems to skip this check :) quick and easy 


also found this for registered customers sometimes its missing and this is my work around. 

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