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[Resolved] Trouble with favicon

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Hi All.

I am new to CC, so far I like it very much. I am starting a new store and SLOWLY getting things setup.

Right now I am trying to get my favicon to display on the browser tab. It seems like the code is in main.php and I have a valid .ico in the root directory (I think)

Anybody have any suggestions as to where I should look?



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I assume it was the browser cache that was getting me. Tried it just now at work and it is there :)

Thank you for the help and for removing my pic. I will study it to figure out what was insecure about it - for my learning.

New questions will be coming, but this one is resolved.

For anyone looking this thread over in the future - Favicon works by simply putting the favicon.ico in the store root folder. The code is already present in the store to use it


I would like to mark this as resolved, but not sure how..

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You had displayed your renamed admin folder. Since it was an image I didn't have any way to protect you other than to delete the image. For security precaution - it would be best if you renamed your admin_XXX folder within includes/global.inc.php - and then renamed your admin_xxx folder to match. You will have to change permission in order to be able to edit the global  includes file.

For some reason this forum software only lets Moderators add the Resolved.

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Hello, the location of the favicon icon probably depends on the skin you are using.

I am using CubeCart 6.1.7 with Galaxy skin which by default expects the favicon which should be named favicon.png to be in the following path.


You can change this path in the skin main.php where it appears near the top of the file.


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