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transferring Hosting


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I am with Justhosts and I want to change hosting to fasthosts. I have copied all the files via FTP to the new hosting server and I have uploaded my CC mysql database as well. I have changed the includes/global.inc file to reflect the new ip address, but I cannot find the HTACCESS file in the root directory that may need changing. Fasthost tech say the configuration file need changing but what to and where?

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So Fasthosts are not doing the move for you then and are not willing (or know how) to help ?

The includes/global.inc.php file is the config file and the only things that might need changing would be the database fields - server may be IP address if not on localhost and the database name, username and password may have changed but if you created these on your new hosting then you should know these

There shouldnt be anything in the .htaccess file that would need changing and it probably wasnt copied across if your FTP program doesnt display . files  CubeCart should recreate it for you or you can change your FTP client settings to display files starting with a period and then copy it across

Take the chance to upgrade to latest V6 though !



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If I install v6 onto the new hosting server a) will it use my existing sql database and can I then add upload existing image folder etc to v6? I am just a bit worried about getting the domain name redirected before I know the new system will work.

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