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Change words on checkout button

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Look in Admin>Settings>Languages>click on your flag>Basket dropdown. Anything you change in the Languages settings is saved in the database and will survive upgrades. But sometimes to easily find where the term is - it's easy to open the languages/definitions.xml file and search for the term. You can then tell which section it's in and what the code wording is. But don't change it there - that will NOT survive upgrades.

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Thanks  so much, but I know how to do that.  I fact I've moved alot to en_US.  My problem is the coding doesn't show any $LANG. so I wasn't sure what to change.  It just says {$CHECKOUT_BUTTON}

Here's the code:

<button type="submit" name="proceed" id="checkout_proceed" class="button success nobr right g-recaptcha"{include file='templates/element.recaptcha.invisible.php'}>{$CHECKOUT_BUTTON} <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-chevron-right"></use></svg></button>


I was able to change it in admin/settings/languages/checkout secure_checkout.  Thank you.  But I wonder why there isn't a $LANG. in the code?

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You can always find where Smarty variables are assigned by doing a global search for them in your CubeCart directory. On Windows, for example, open a console in said directory and run:

findstr /i /n /s /c:"CHECKOUT_BUTTON" *.*

The output will look something like this:

classes\cubecart.class.php:571: $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('CHECKOUT_BUTTON', true);
classes\cubecart.class.php:1702: $checkout_button = (CC_SSL) ? $GLOBALS['language']->checkout['secure_checkout'] : $GLOBALS['language']->checkout['checkout'];

Usually you will have to actually open the files and read the code around the lines mentioned, but in this case you can probably safely conclude that the language entries you need to change are under checkout.secure_checkout and checkout.checkout.

Also, you can search for 'checkout' in the definitions.xml file - you will see entries in both the basket and checkout groups; I do not know whether both need to be changed or just the ones in the checkout group, and there may be others (I stopped looking).

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