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Can't add a manufacture via admin panel V 6.1.7

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Hi, just noticed that when trying to add a manufacture via admin panel, you get error: /admin_xxxxxx/sources/products/manufacturerstab_manufacturers.inc.php - not found. There's no products folder in sources directory and therefore it can't find the php call file. I tried checking earlier version and no such file or directory found in the directory tree. I wonder if it's just a wrong directory call bug?


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Mine's working correctly as well. That tab reference in the error log sounds vaguely familiar, though, not from a manufacturer issue, but with another tabbed process. It has something to do with the # in the tab url.

See this https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1639

I have to remember to say that my stock test site is not on 6.1.7, but on the 6.1.8 developer commit. So this may have been fixed with some of the recent edits that eventually will be in 6.1.8. And that may be true of @Keat as well.

I see you've added this issue to GitHub.



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