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Upgraded site no longer sending email confirmation

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Well I'm stumped on the emails then. Double check your email entries, and if they appear to be correct - perhaps you need to contact your host?

As for Blueprint - there were quite a few skin changes in 6.1.7 - not just edits but whole new files. Did you make any changes, or is it still running properly for you as-is? I'll try to find the comment on GitHub that made me think it would not work any more.

I loved Blueprint when I was using it - way far advanced over any other skin at the time. But I changed to Foundation as soon as I had made edits to it to resemble my Blueprint skin.

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@havenswift-hosting and @SemperFi both have Foundation based skins for v6 that allow for a lot of mostly cosmetic edits within Admin. I haven't tried Havenswift's, but I was involved in the testing of SemperFi's and am very impressed with it.

Still looking for the GitHub comment - don't think I dreamed it.

FoundĀ  this old one that you may not have been aware of:


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As for changing to Foundation - I added the Foundation skin and set in Admin that I was the only one who could change skins on the store front. Then I just gradually fixed it to suit myself. I hard coded lots of cosmetic changes, so I copied Foundation and renamed the skin to suit myself. You do have to edit your own skin config to get that to work.

When I was satisfied I made my Foundation the default, held onto the Blueprint for a while longer, and finally dropped it.

The advantage to buying a skin like Havenswift's and SemperFi's is they will upgrade as needed, so you don't have to make edits to keep up with CC changes. I would probably have done that if they had been available way back when v6 came out.

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