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page insights complains about the foundation skin not being compressed.

messages along the lines:  Compressing https://www.mystore.co.uk/skins/foundation/css/foundation.css could save 167KiB (88% reduction).

I have mod_deflate installed in apache, so I guess the file needs to be compressed in someway to take advantage ?

Or is this something not to bother worrying about ?

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I'm trying to agressively target my SEO and one of the issues I'm having is with Goolge page insights.

with Google being god at the moment, I'm concentrating my efforts in this dirtection.

I read that PHP7 gives gains over 5, so I updated one of my sites from 5.6 to 7.

I also installed memcache.


However, page insights shows no gains in performance.

It continues to moan about browser caching, so I tried a few experiments on the site.

Cache disabled gives me a score of 78, but no improvement when it's enabled.

Am I missing something with Cubecart Cache ??


Secondly, page insights continues to moan about the foundation skin, seems that it's not very efficient.


Can anyone add anything ?

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I dont know about the OS level, however I suggest you try this for page speed:


At the bottom of the page is a url to

Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page.

Once you have the zip file, upload the unzipped files to your server. This action should increase your google page speed.

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Sorry, I ought to have updated.

I spotted those links last week and swapped the files for the minified ones.

Page insights isn't all that accurate though.

I can have a green card on one run and a yellow one the next, now fluctuating anywhere between about 88 (green) and 80 (amber)

Seositecheckup.com gives me a decent score of 95 though.

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