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How to Restore Downloaded Backup Data

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Hi there,

I have a new CubeCart store.. Love It! I have set it all up and it is all good so far.  I did a fresh CubeCart install in a different domain and I am trying to duplicate it from the original.

I have performed the Back up of the Files and the Databases from within the CubeCart Maintenance/Backup page on the original. This created 2 files which I have downloaded.

The question is: How to I Restore this data to the new CubeCart location? I need to restore from the downloaded Backup files. Basically I want to two identical stores and start different edits, logos and products on the second one. The first store layout is great.

Looking forward to a solution. I have tried to do searches on Restore, but to no avail. Ideas?

Thanks a bunch,


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Hi Maurice,

Go to your admin, maintenance, backup area where you did your back up before.

Scroll down the page until you can see the Existing Backups and a list of downloads. On the right hand side of your backup list you will have 3 icons; recycle, download and trash. Hover over the recycle icon, it should say restore.

Good luck.

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Hiya Harris,

Yea, that's what I though too. However on the new store there are no backups yet. I need to Restore to the new (empty) store the Backup I made from the original store. 

Perhaps I need to upload the Original store backup I downloaded onto the new store and Restore.  Basically I am wanting to Restore into a blank store from downloaded backup files. 




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I don't understand how the backup is built well enough to know if you can copy it over to a backup folder on the new site or not. It seems like there would be data specific to the original install that should not be carried over - BUT I DO NOT KNOW.

@havenswift-hosting or @Noodleman would be the most knowledgeable about something like this.

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