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[Resolved with module edit?] Paypal Pro payments pending?


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When a Paypal payment comes in using PayPal Pro (CC Processing) - I get the email from Paypal that I have received a payment - but the order is stuck at "pending" until I manually change it to "processing"...

I'm on CC version 6.1.7

Paypal Pro & Express version 1.1.9.

Transaction log looks like everything was successful - order just didn't switch to processing - or trigger the confirmation email...


Transaction ID Status Amount Gateway Date/Time Notes
XXXXX584AF406592Y Success $44.74 PayPal Card Payment Today, 17:03 CVV2 correctly matched.


Any help would be appreciated!  It's not a big deal - just annoying to have to manually change the status of every order...

If you need the site URL its www.LlamaTronics.com


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UPDATE - Well, I went through everything from that post - updated my Sanitize class file, cleared all cache except images - then did a test order - still stuck at pending...

Anyone have any other advise?

I haven't updated to 6.1.8 yet because of multiple non-stock edits I didn't want to have to redo...

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PayPal Pro module uses CubeCart's Request functions, which will log what was sent to PayPal and what was returned, if anything.

In admin, Request Log, find the entry for the order you just made a test with, 'x'-out any personal info, and copy the entry here.

We may be able to confirm or deny the problem exists at this stage.

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Here is the log:


Today, 11:10


I wasn't sure what all should be X'd out - let me know if I did too much!

Also - this seems to match that shows up in the transaction log on the order as well - Status: Success.


Thanks for looking into this!

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So we will assume that the response was dealt with, as you say there is a log item for this order - the transaction ID matches and the amount matches.

The next step in the code is to set the order to Processing.

Let's add some diagnostic code.

I'll be back with specific edits for CC617.

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In the PayPal_Pro folder, open for editing the file gateway.class.php and find:

Near line 606:

if($this->_api_method=='Sale' || ($this->_api_method=='Authorization' && $this->_module['authProcess']=='1')) {

Change to:

if($this->_module['paymentAction']=='Sale' || ($this->_module['paymentAction']=='Authorization' && $this->_module['authProcess']=='1')) {

I think this version of the PayPal Pro module (v1.1.9) is using the wrong variable here.

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