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Category page has vanished ** Resolved **


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Hello and good evening from Wiltshire,UK.

 I'm new to Cubecart and have been playing with it for a week or so. I currently have an Actinic v10 ecommerce site (10 years+) and am intending to replace it with a Cubecart one.

I'm slowly teasing out a few modifications to the Mican Blue skin, and so far I've made about half a dozen alterations , so nothing too drastic.

Oddly I have two issues, the first is that my Categories page in the admin area is now totally empty, I've reversed the skin changes that I've made and it remains totally empty - I've also cleared the cache following every change.  This is the most pressing issue

The second is merely an annoyance and almost certainly unrelated - when I'm logging in I always have to enter my details twice!

It's never succesfull on the first attempt and always succesful on the second -wierd!

I'm using CC 5.2.16 and any advice will be gratefully received

Server Type Linux    
Web Server Apache (cgi-fcgi)    
PHP 5.4.45    
PHP Max Post Size 8.00 MB    
PHP Maximum Upload Size 2.00 MB    
PHP Memory Limit 128.00 MB    
MySQL Version 5.5.55-0+deb7u1-log    
MySQL Packet Size








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Empty, as in no listing of categories, but still have the left-side nav panel and header? Or a completely blank white page?

Please create the error log.

Logging in twice implies that CubeCart may have had a known session about the last login, and would have given you that same session, but the cookie didn't match.

Are you properly logging out?


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Firstly, upgrade to latest V6 - 5.2.16 is very old and has a lot of bugs that have been fixed including some serious security issues.

Your hosting environment is also pretty old - PHP 5.4 reached end of life several years ago and you should really be using PHP 7.0 (or 7.1 is even better as long as you dont intend to use any third party plugins that are encoded with ionCube as that isnt yet available for PHP 7.1)

None of the above would cause either of your issues and skin changes also would not have caused categories to not appear within the admin side of things.  Have you checked the categories still are in the database ?  Viewing the error_log file (and enabling it if it doesnt already appear automatically) is a useful thing to do as well

Ian (originally from Wiltshire as well !)

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Getting warm - I thought the error log was in the root folder - then I checked the admin pages.

[Exception] /var/www/vhosts/gpzzone.co.uk/shop.gpzzone.co.uk/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php:127 - Unable to load template file 'templates/categories.index.php'

As for the elderly hosting environment - that's why i need to move away from Actinic - it's a bit like XP and creaking and groaning quite a lot. I'm trying  to build the CC site alongside the existing one to avoid glitches when I upgrade the domain.

Thanks for the help chaps.


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With this ini-custom.inc.php, the error_log should be in the root folder. If you found it somewhere else, then maybe the PHP.INI file has a directive to put it in the folder where the error occurred - and not let anything else override that directive.

Anyway, I am thinking the file categories.index.php is misspelled, or has permissions issues.

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