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ck editor losing all formatting


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I'm in the latter stages of satisfying myself that CC is the way ahead for me and have encountered a strange issue.

CC6, Mican theme. Product description, CKEditor console

If I write a few sentences about  a product in the console and throw some nice line breaks in to make it pleasing on the eye it ignores them and simply paints a mass of words into the description field on the product page.

It doesn't matter whether I use HTML or basic (WYSIWYG) text -the output on the product page description is the same.

It does however seem to be more prevalent if I paste the details...

For example,




in the ckeditor console would be rendered as


on the product page

Does anyone have any ideas because ckeditor is supposed to be  WYSIWYG, but no matter I type or what HTMLcodes I use  it's not happening for me!

Thanks in advance



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Confirm that on the Description tab of Add/Edit Product, you have an actual CKEditor (with toolbars) and not a plain-simple text-entry box.

The CKEditor has two modes: WYSIWYG and Source mode. In Source mode, you enter syntactically-correct HTML In WYSIWYG mode, you use the tool buttons to enter tables and links, and apply text styling.

What you describe could be that CubeCart is "stripping tags" - assuming nothing in the CSS is interfering with the actual HTML.

Do you think it possible that you have an older version of some files in /admin/sources/ folder versus files in the /classes/ folder?



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