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Ver 6.1.8 causes issues with some product titles

Frank Auffret

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I just upgraded my sites to ver 6.1.8 mainly to fix the product titles with double quotes bug e.g. 6" length
which was breaking the product image title code in the listing so no image was displayed.

<img src="image.jpg" title=" product="" title"="" >

The upgrade fixes the bug but causes another issue i.e. any product title previously added with double quotes breaks in the product admin page. 
e.g. 12" widget  
displays as 12 
Doesn't affect the store front listing

As I have hundreds of products across various sites like this I was wondering if anyone can think of a quick way to fix this issue otherwise I will have to manually re-enter every similar product.

Apostrophe character escaped in product names, emails bug

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Here's the query pattern to use, but you can easily make a mess of your database if you do something wrong - SO MAKE A COPY OF THE APPROPRIATE DATABASE TABLE BEFORE ATTEMPTING. iF YOU'VE NEVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS - YOU MIGHT WANT TO BACKUP THE WHOLE DATABASE BEFORE ATTEMPTING.

UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield,"findstring","replacestring");

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