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Parcel2Go shipping


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I currently use Parcel2Go, offline from Cubecart, since the volume of things I sell is low. I've inherited the Cubecart site from the previous business owner and I'm in the process of updating it before it goes live with a new look.


I have investigated the Parcel2Go extension, but not tried it in sandbox mode yet (not sure if I can). It would seem that the setup page wants you to put in the dimensions of a parcel. In my case that's not possible since I ship things that are anything from 20x20x10cm to 120x35x50cm. Does anyone know if the dimensions of the package can be configured on a per-order basis?




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There is this extension:

But, according to its description, it is up to the shipping module to find and use this new info.

I have advised those who use UPS and federal shipping services (USPS, CANADAPOST, etc) to enter settings for a size that is average for your product line.

check if the package size changes the charges incurred. For example, for UPS, the size of the package does not change the rate quote, but may change the service provided - ground only.

So, for Parcel2Go, get a verified quote for a 6kg package in a small box vs a large box. If there is no difference, then we know Parcel2Go generally ships by weight, not volume.

If this is the case, then enter the most commonly sized box you use.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I've  investigated and since Parcel2Go can interface with a lot of carriers, i think it's going to be difficult. Some services impose a 1m length, or girth, or combination of the two! In the short term, unless I could pass per-product dimensions to the (Parcel2Go) shipping module, I think I'm going to stick with an offline mode. More time-consuming, but less prone to errors!



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