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Move the "Add To Cart" button below the picture gallery in Mobile view


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There are two solutions depending which version of the Foundation skin you have.

If CC618, then you have a template named element.product.vertical_gallery.php and element.product.horizontal_gallery.php.


{include file='templates/element.product.call_to_action.php'}

Move this line to just ABOVE:

   <div class="small-7 medium-5 columns">

(The vertical template also has thinpad-left in the div.)

This also moves the prices along with the button because the buttons action and appearance are closelt associated with how the prices are displayed.

But I think you wanted this in only Mobile (small) view.

So, do not move the code, but just copy it to that location. Then:

For the copied statement, change that to:

<div class="show-for-small-only">{include file='templates/element.product.call_to_action.php'}</div>

For the original statement, change that to:

<div class="show-for-medium-up">{include file='templates/element.product.call_to_action.php'}</div>


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My concern is that the options, if any, will be positioned below the bottom of the screen. But if that's good for you, then:

In product.vertical_gallery.php, find:

<div class="small-5 medium-6 columns text-center nopad">

Change to:

<div class="small-12 medium-6 columns text-center nopad">


<div class="small-7 medium-5 columns thinpad-left">

Change to:

<div class="small-12 medium-5 columns thinpad-left">

Normally, each row will have a sum-total of 12 columns. But, because the columns are actually floated, it seems that overloading that total will cause what won't fit on the intended line to slip down to the next available space.

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